Saturday, December 01, 2007

When doing construction during pregnancy is a good thing

OK, sure it means you have to go down two flights of rickety stairs to use the toilet in your third trimester. Sure it means that showers in the peak of summer are a luxury and hard to come by. Sure it means you're hoisting heavy stuff in addition to the big belly. But today the benefits paid off:
niko sleeps

BabySon napped through a chop saw, a ShopVac, a table saw. He napped while Grandpa and Daddy yelled at each other from 2nd floor to attic and front door to 2nd floor. He napped through our dog freaking out about the two stray pit bulls wandering the neighborhood. He napped through the mailman knocking to let us know we had a package.

And lest you think this post is completely absent of knitting content, check out that owl! Arrived today from my dear far-flung friend, Cathy. It's knit from Manos Cotton Stria - incredibly soft and snuggly. If I find out where she got the pattern, I'll post it.


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