Monday, August 13, 2007

This is what happens

When you stray from the universe-ordained plans for baby knitting.
green sock
I started this a bit ago. It was supposed to be a pair of socks for Socken it to the Family. I searched for appropriate yarn to meet the recipients request. I swatched. I read the pattern twice. But as I was knitting, a nagging doubt started to tickle the back of my brain. The yarn wasn't very forgiving in the pattern stitches; I flat-out had to fight it for every knit-two-together. Yet I persevered, telling myself that I'd try it on to be sure...when there was just a bit more to try on.

When the leg was done, I slipped it over the arch of my foot. So far, so good. Snug, but surely it would stretch. Yarn stretches, right? Then I finally finished the heel.
green sock on
It looks like a sock, yes; it's on my foot, yes. But what you can't see is the struggle I had to get it over my heel. And when I slipped forced it back off, the yarn didn't recoil. It retained the super-stretched shape my manipulations had created. And the worst part? The recipient's ankles are bigger than mine. {insert doomed music}

I'd originally planned to rip it right out - make a pretty little kinky pile of yarn. But now I'm not so sure. It isn't like I have other plans for the yarn right this minute (besides making up new curse words each time my eye catches the flirty green peeking out of my bag) into the bottom of the knitting basket it goes. I don't know how these people survive, knitting socks only with non-wool. This was my second attempt at cotton socks (and this time only 50% cotton!) and I'll be damned if I try again soon.

Speaking of the bottom, it appears I've finally struck the bottom of my wool stash for diaper covers. This next one is going to be very interesting if the swatch has anything to say:


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