Sunday, July 22, 2007

You sew?

Mom called today and asked what I was up to.
"I'm sewing," I told her.
"You mean knitting?"
"No, mom, I'm sewing. Like on the sewing machine?"
"You sew?"
Of course, this is to be expected from the woman who had to help me hem my first skirt, which somehow was off by a good two inches in places, despite my diligent attempts to cut along pattern lines and sew as instructed. So there you have it - I sew, but I don't say that I sew well.

I made a baby blanket a couple of weeks ago, and the left-over fabric was too nice to throw out, so I sat down to make some bibs. I started by slapping the right sides together and stitching a bib-shaped squarish thing,
reverse side
Flipped them right side out, ironed, and sewed on some binding.
It was so simple, it really shouldn't have taken the entire morning. So I sew, not well, and not quickly. But look at this, mom, look at these corners!

And what to do with the left-overs of the left-overs?
Make stripey diaper wipes, of course!
I found a blog where a woman mentioned making her own wipes, and at first I thought it was madness. But I don't know...if I'm already washing the diapers...and if I use disposable wipes for the noxious messes...why not give it a try? Check with me later about how B. feels about all of this "crazy hippy stuff." It's a slow, insidious process of converting a Jersey boy into a California spirit.

It's all baby, all the time right now. I've tired of the CurlyPurly pattern - it isn't very satisfying because the leg openings may or may not fit, and I really have no sense of what to expect. Have I made half a dozen useless butt sweaters? So I've switched to knitting a wrap-style cover....we'll see how that goes. Two pair are currently on the needles, more fabulous non-baby colors.
curlypurly collection
various wool from stash, various sizes, will they work?

There are pictures of our home project on the camera, but I'm afraid to jinx things before we cross the next big hurdle. So we'll just pretend it really is all baby all the time, all right?

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