Saturday, June 09, 2007


Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
- Bible, Proverbs (ch. XVI, v. 18)

Dear Mother Nature,
I owe you an apology. I was proud and haughty as I went forth last weekend to work in my yard. I wisely arose before the sun was too high, I worked hard but briefly, and I tamed the many-years neglected sideyard. I pulled knee-high weeds, removed errant vines, relieved the suffering of one straggly aged rose bush that was well past its prime. I battled the ubiquitous poison ivy which long ago decided to take over. I was feeling pretty good about things.

how am I supposed to get that out of there?PICT0002

I have to ask you, Ma, how do you really feel about that three-leafed menace? Is it the wild, defiant child you shake your head about? Does its sheer tenacity make you proud despite yourself? Or are you out somewhere in the proverbial ether, smacking your forehead because we stupid humans are missing something really important about this plant? Is it the cure for cancer or something? Because, honestly, I think we were doing just fine with all the other ivies you put out for display. Couldn't we have done without this one?

tenacious bugger; roots have grown into the retaining wallPICT0001

I'm in day five of the infestation. The pride of days zero and one are gone - really, I'm sorry. I always touted how resistant I was to poison ivy, but that was before I spent a morning really wrestling with it, pulling it out from under bushes, between rocks, around a rose bush... And yea, the short sleeves. How could you help but smack me down for that one? I mean, gloves only do so much, I knew that.

I have to say - good show. The swollen scales on my arm, the scattered reminders everywhere else...unlike sending me to my room or taking away my allowance, this punishment really fits the offense. As a mother-to-be I hope to learn something from this, though I don't think child abuse is permitted in this plane of existence. Rules are a bit looser among the gods, eh?

I get it now, and I'm sorry. Can we work something out, and maybe let this all blow over this weekend? I promise - long sleeves from now on.

Your daughter

PS - I totally noticed the bump on my forehead. Warning noted. Thanks for not making it go any further.


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