Wednesday, May 02, 2007

For Dawn

dawns sock
Painfully, adorably cute. Haven't started sock #2, but that baby has some gestating to do yet, so I'm not feeling rushed.

However, I am feeling a push to do some other baby knitting. I'm afraid the Socken it to the Family is taking a backseat for other family reasons. Namely, starting my own.

Before I dive headlong into the baby knitting, I'm trying to clear out the WIPs. It's been going well so far and I'm down to just these two:
The orange socks for myself are so close to being done it's a bit embarrassing so I don't have a photo. [update - guilt induced, I finished the socks]
The Mystery Shawl is so far from being finished that....well. I still have hopes of finishing it by my self-imposed deadline, but I'm not obsessive. I've completed 60% according to my calculations, but it has taken 4 months of off-and-on devotion to get this far. And lately I've been more off than on. Waaay more off. So. 40% in the next 4 months?

Baby knits so far
Finished: Baby hat (that really looks more like a blueberry pie than a hat) - knit using the Magic Loop technique I learned at Patricia's Yarn Shop.
baby hat

On the needles: Baby blanket (because what knitter could pass up knitting her own baby a blanket?).
baby blanket
I'm using yarn I'd plan to turn into a sweater for myself. However, said yarn was purchased during the vacation when the little Pimento was conceived, and hopes of wearing a slinky fitted sweater next winter were dashed. The yarn is a lovely bamboo/wool blend, so soft on the hands, in a rich silvery brown. The pattern is a mix of basketweave and the reversible cable from Scarf Style (though I've since found this other reversible cable that I much prefer). I don't know if I have enough yarn to make the blanket reach the size I was hoping for, but at least it'll be bigger than the bambino.

In the works: Diaper covers, diaper covers, diaper covers. Photos soon...


At 10:47 AM, May 14, 2007, Blogger anthony said...

hello there! so good to see you the other day miss, thanks for attending and representing your peeps.

here is that shirt i spoke of: will knit for tattoos

although i quite like this one too: yarn-core

anyway, hope all is well and we go more stuff sometime soon.



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