Friday, March 02, 2007

decisions, decisions

Things are about to get a little different around here. For one, I'm planning a wedding. I would really, really love to have something beautiful that I made for the day to partially combat the commercialization of such a personal commitment between two people, and I'm thinking of taking a stab at a shawl. Generally I don't have much use for them (they're pretty, but when would you wear one?) but with tattoos that need covering (or at least toning down) and a fete of my own coming up, perhaps I can be convinced.

Now the problem is: which one do I knit? There are thousands of options, so to narrow the heard I elect to choose from the many free lovely patterns that can be easily found online. I want something open and airy, flowing and not too angular.

1) This one I like because it's round and would double nicely for a nice drape. Also, I could make it as big (or as small...) as I choose. Doily, anyone?
Circular rose pattern

2) Picture this one wider, shorter, and without fringe. And not metallic.

3) Love the name on this one. Sun Ray Shawl

4) I've never knit a pattern by Eunny Jang and would love to. My only complaint is that this clearly goes from one side to the other, which I don't know if I want for this purpose. But beautiful. Print o' the wave

5) Try to imagine this in a much lighter weight yarn, and again without the fringe. The lacy part is nice and classic, but the big open stringy bits make it look more modern (to me). Maybe it's just my proximity to Highland Park, but this might look a little too much like a Jewish garment to work in my godless union. Susan Shawl

6) Just beautiful. Open, airy, too pointy? Victorian Shawl

7) A very popular pattern. Feather and Fan Shawl

Please, please, email/comment your suggestions and what drew you to that pattern. I know 8 is a lot to look at, but you can't imagine how many I looked through to narrow it down to this list.

[And other knitting continues. Weather permitting, photos of works in progress tomorrow. Winter photography is tough - too little light for too few hours. Photographer and images both suffer.]


At 3:03 PM, March 03, 2007, Blogger Carol said...

I may have missed something because I only was able to view 7 but what a beautiful collection of patterns. There were three that really caught my eye but I think a lot depends on what else you wear. Because some of the others may work better. My three favs are the Rose because it's gorgeous and I can envision it around your house on various objects for the rest of your days. Print of the wave is very delicate (that's why I like it) and it may be the dark color that caught my eye. It really showed off the detail of the work. My third fav is the Victorian. I don't think it's too pointy at all. This is my first blush at thinking about it. Let me know if you want more specific input. Thanks for letting me have input. How fun for me.

At 12:58 PM, March 06, 2007, Blogger GlitterUnicorn said...

I say Michaela, as it has doesn't have a traditional shawl draping, and depending on the dress, could look like a key part of the get-up rather than a cover-up. Plus, one of them looks like a tablecloth.




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