Monday, February 26, 2007

Extremes in absurdity

Not sure where I stumbled across this in blog-land, but since I'm the daughter of a teacher I have to help spread the word:
I don't pretend to know the whole story, just what I've read. But a substitute teacher in Connecticut has been convicted of showing porn to her students, and will face a sentance of 40 years in prison. She claims she was attacked by pop-up ads, the prosecution say she was looking at porn during class. Having been a substitute teacher, I know that you get what equipment you walk into, and I shudder to think of the implications of this case. Having to judiciously protect my own computer from similar pop-ups, I can empathize. I donated a small sum to her legal defense, and encourage you to consider the same.

I'm surprised that such internet images ever made it through the school's filter, and I'd be curious to learn why more people aren't on the defense. By contrast, I volunteer for the Middlesex Rape Crisis Intervention Center, and when the county installed a new system-wide filter it blocked every message from the employees at the Center, because the word "rape" was in the email address. Computers can't think, and they can't discriminate.



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