Monday, June 18, 2007

Away and back

Taking a get-away in the midst of household chaos couldn't have been a better idea. You know how you marry someone because you enjoy their company? Details like that tend to get lost among the gaps in the floor boards. It's wonderful to reconnect, to converse about something other than bathtub lengths, tile schematics, and plumber scheduling issues.

relaxing way to start your day - coffee on a pier

After spending a very leisurely Saturday around the house (I highly recommend starting all vacations this way - rather than the 5am rushed trip to the airport), we drove to Boston. We divided our day on Sunday between Cambridge, an antique shop, and historic parts of Boston. Too much to do in one day? Indeed. We considered it a scouting trip for our next vacation. But we did come away with these three amazing finds:

sculpted-for-your-butt desk chair. ergonomic. incredibly comfortable, fully functional. Cost: $25

the coolest yarn swift I've ever seen. spins beautifully, though I have to pay attention that it doesn't get ahead of me. Brant is pleased to be relieved of yarn-holding/yarn-untangling detail. Cost: $28.
yarn winder

bathroom medicine chest. have I mentioned that we're redoing the bathroom? rescued from the curb in the North End of Boston. Cost: $0.

From Boston we ambled down to Newport, Rhode Island. Home of madras shorts and people with too much peroxide. There was only one madras-shorts-wearer sighting, but the damn things were in every window. Also witnessed more cigar smoking than I've ever seen in a day when there weren't marriages or babies being celebrated.

Spent Monday and Tuesday wandering the town and exploring the Newport Mansions. Amazing, amazing creations. Ostentatious and offensive, too, in their opulence, but amazing nevertheless.

Of course, all of this was a week ago, what with other things getting in the way of posting, but we're still feeling the afterglow of well-spent time off.


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