Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crochet? What crochet?

When you come upon your dog looking like this in the morning,

How can you help but turn her into your model? She's always posing. In my logic center I realize that she is a simple dog, no different from any other, but in my heart of hearts she is the sweetest, sleekest, prettiest little mutt around. I'm fully aware of what this forebodes with my kid. Cutest, smartest, etc., etc. With lots of photos to prove it, I'm sure.

Half of the edging for the baby blanket is finished. Crochet? What crochet? I wasn't planning to do any crochet...

yes, I'm sorry to say I had to abandon the crochet idea. I tried and tried, following the instructions for the scalloped pattern as closely as I could (without ever really learning the difference between a single chain and a double chain), but you know what? It just didn't look right. So I ripped and repeated, ripped and repeated, ripped and got out the damn knitting needles.

Happy with the result (and thinking some scalloped scarves are in my future).

Sorry about the picture quality - new camera and still working out the bugs. Though to my credit I keep seeing others complain that red is hard to photograph, and I have here a red dog on a red blanket with a pink pillow and reddish yarn above a red carpet. So.


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