Friday, July 27, 2007

Calling all knitters/crocheters

I have a favor to ask of you all.
I'm starting to hit concern mode about the wool diaper covers. Not anywhere near panic mode, but solidly in the concern mode neighborhood. I've been cruising along, have knit several covers and am feeling good about my pace. But last night in Lamaze we had some post-partum conversations, and I'm thinking that the idea of knitting the larger size soakers after the baby is born might not be a feasible idea (experienced mothers can feel free to laugh right now). I'm focusing on the small ones for good reason - they're the ones I'll need first. But the larger ones are, well, larger, and will take longer to knit than these teensy guys. And I'll have a wee one hanging off me all the time. You see where I'm going with this?

My diaper cover stash so far:
Newborn size (13-17" waist): 2 completed (desire 4-5; I'm pretty sure I can handle these)
Small size(14-20" waist): 2 completed, two on the needles
Medium size(15-21" waist): 1 completed (desire 4-5)
Large size (16-23" waist): 1 completed (desire 4-5)
Toddler size (17-25" waist): I am in utter denial that a child will still be in diapers by the time he/she is a toddler

If you want to help:
Yarn requirements - Absolutely 100% wool, preferably not 100% merino. Any color, worsted weight works best (or double stranded sport weight). If you have partial skeins of yarn from left over projects, feel free to mix and match (have you seen the photos below? I'm not picky). I'm not sure about how much yarn you'll need for the bigger sizes - definitely no more than 1.5 or 2 decent size skeins. Note: anything that says it is machine washable is not going to work.
Guage - ~5 sts/inch for both patterns I've been using, see patterns for others
Patterns -
I've enjoyed this one for easy, mindless, circular knitting
This one lays flat and is knit back and forth - also very, very easy but feel free to ask me about modifications I've made to make it even easier. I have no problem sewing on the velcro for these if you only want to do the knitting part.
This one also looks like a good pattern
Many other free patterns exist, though I've been avoiding the ones with drawstrings.
For crocheters there isn't much out there, though I did find this and these. Can't speak for any of them as I can't even understand the instructions.
Deadline - I don't think I'll need the medium size before December, so you have some time.

If you don't knit or crochet, then send me some good knitting mojo. I have to go now. Knitting to do, you know.


At 1:18 PM, July 28, 2007, Blogger Camellia said...

Ahem! diapers and diaper covers are quite likely part of a toddler's wardrobe with the average age for toilet training to be completed at age two. Note: "average" = half are and half aren't! That's how it worked out in our family, with Ryan not even starting on that road until age 3. Then he's the one who "trained" his buddy, Devin, who was still in diapers at 4. Seems like a lot right now, but when you consider the likely lifespan of Baby M., probably 90 years and more, three years in diapers is a pretty small part of his/her life.

Okay, I printed out the three knit soaker patterns and will tackle one of the larger sizes, probably the WHW plain wrap. Should be a good past time for waiting in the airport and on the plane trips. These soakers tickle my fancy because my parents probably had them to wear in the 1920's! What goes around, comes around.....

At 11:57 PM, August 15, 2007, Anonymous Sarah B said...

I'll help, just need to get some wool first. Any color preference?


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