Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Am I going to be a bad mother?

I'm really not excited about knitting baby things. Diaper covers, yes, I'm knitting away on those. But other baby knitting patterns leave me cold. Cold like there isn't a drop of estrogen in my body. I even have some nice yarn I'd bought to make a little bitty sweater, but I haven't even balled the skeins. Everything looks too fiddly, or too garish. The few items I've seen that are meant to "grow with your baby" seem utterly pointless as clothing. (note: I'm purposefully avoiding including links here. Don't need to hurt anyone's feelings if they designed or knit one of the patterns I'm dissing) Maybe I'm just in a knitting slump. Maybe it's the mind-numbing stockinette of diaper cover after diaper cover. Maybe it's the sugar crash after finishing the Mystery Shawl (which I haven't even blocked yet for fear of being unable to control myself and posting photos before their time).

Exciting updates on the home improvement front...now if I could only find the cord for my camera...


At 2:06 PM, August 13, 2007, Blogger Sa said...

Well honey,

I couldn't bring myself to crochet the practical soaker you knitted so a baby sweater (dark red for good fortune) is on its way to you. You well be a fantastic mother, and the universe will inspire other to fill in clothing gaps perhaps.




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