Saturday, October 27, 2007


Last week my mom and I took the wee babe to Princeton. He was a gem (or we were really boring), and autumn beauty was in full effect.

We wandered to Pins and Needles where I pondered many ideas for future projects but succeeded in walking out with a full wallet. I did see a much better rendition of the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket pattern – row by row directions. The version I bought is just her original newsletter, in true loosey-goosey EZ style. And when you have a newborn, sleep deprivation, and limited knitting time, clear concise patterns are preferred. Ah well.

To the topic of my post – though I walked out empty handed, I did fall in love. Stellar Babble had mentioned the new lace-weight yarn by Malabrigo that she sampled at Stitches East. I’m thinking more seriously about making myself a lace shawl (now that I’m enjoying knitting my second gift shawl), so I sought it out. And?


I petted every color they had in stock. It’s soft. It’s 470 yards per skein (that’s enough for a decent sized triangular shawl). It’s only $9. It’s at the top of my want list. But I walked out without buying it because I’m starting to form a point scale to help me integrate the knitting with the motherhood. The baby sweater and gift shawl are both scoring well - 3 and 2 respectively - while the lace shawl for myself is a lowly zero. Doesn't mean I can't look for patterns, though...
The scale:
+2 points – I already have the yarn for the project
+2 points – The project is for a holiday gift
+1 points – The project is for a family member for winter
+ 1 points – The project is for the baby


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