Monday, September 10, 2007

Fabulous Fiber Friends and Family

While I've been feeling bad about not knitting anything beyond diaper covers for my little one, it seems that other people in my life have been doing their part to fill in for me. Mom (Grandma) is at work on a baby sweater - her standard recipe hoody that every mom I've known has enjoyed. Can't wait to see that one. But in addition, check out these wonderful gifts:
jodee sweater
My cousin JoDee crocheted this as a gift for my baby shower. The shocker is that I had no idea that she could crochet! Why should I be surprised, when she comes from such a crafty family - her sister is a master at ceramics, her grandma made a beautiful cross-stitched quilt for every grandchild, and her aunt (my mom) makes amazing quilts. And yet I was blown away. Check out the choice of buttons, and the finishing - very, very nice.
jodee closeup

A surprise gift in the mail came from my friend Sa, currently studying her final semester of medical school. She said it was red for good luck, and I love the shape - the bell sleeves, the wide body to fit over padded diapered bottoms. Beautiful choice of colors (don't believe the sunbleached photo - it's a vibrant red), and it is so, so soft. I'm hoping it will fit around the holidays because it's so festive. It's good to have friends who appreciate the fiber crafts - they are the best recipients of gifts (they know what it took to create the gift) and the best giver of gifts.
sa sweater

Perhaps the biggest surprise comes from a new friend. I dragged myself out to a Knit Night a few weeks ago, telling myself that it might be the last one I could get to for a while. I usually beg off to being tired, other things going on, or just plain forgetting. But it was fortuitous that I attended this time. There was a new knitter, and it turns out we have an incredibly overlapping geographic history. While we all introduced ourselves, I half-jokingly asked if anyone wanted to help me out by knitting a soaker for me. To my surprise Sarah actually stepped up and asked for patterns and yarn suggestions! We met up and I gave her two types of wool from my stash, leaving it to her to decide which one she wanted to use. But a couple of weeks later what does she hand me?
sarah's soakers
Two soakers - one from each type of wool! And she gave me two patterns I hadn't seen before! It makes me realize how much I miss my midwest friends. We're a different type of people.

As for my contribution to the baby knitting pool, I'm finishing the baby sweater blanket ("Mama was supposed to have a sexy sweater for herself this winter, but instead she got you and this lovely blanket") and trying to knit a hat that will fit a newborn. I have 5 or 6 cotton caps, but teensy heads in bulky wool look adorable. The soakers are on hold for a moment as I think I have enough of the smaller sizes to let me wait until I actually see the kid and can make some of the larger sizes to fit.


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