Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Catching up

Why is it so much harder to get things done with daddy home? Shouldn't it be easier? This post has been ready for well over a week, just waiting for photos. *sigh* Still adjusting to the new pace of life with baby.

Not surprising to anyone who knows me, I've figured out how to knit while nursing. Did anyone really think I could sit still that long without having something to do with my hands?*

Just before the babe, I started this hat:
red light hat
It's Brooklyntweed's Red Light Special Hat. On the recently unveiled rating scale it gets a rousing score of 3 - I had the yarn (2), and the hat should fit the babe someday (1). Unfortunately I've fallen out of love with it. The pattern is hard to read except in the best light (color coded with red, burgundy, and orange - contrast anyone?) and two-color knitting is harder than single color with babe in arms. So...to the closet this one goes.

Feeling a bit enamoured with lace in tha warm early fall, I started this right after wee babe arrived:
blossom shawl
Easy pattern, using some cashmere silk I had around, it had everything I needed for a new knitting project. I've decided to make this as a gift, but since it won't be headed off to the recipient until next summer I knit until I felt satiated (~20%), and now it goes into the closet until spring.

I bought the yarn to knit this slipper pattern (score of 3 - xmas gift and winter wear for my family) but ran into this little glitch: I hate it when people charge outrageous shipping charges. I was charged $3 for a slip of paper in an envelope for the EZ Baby Surprise Sweater. People selling this clog pattern are charging $3.50-$5 for shipping. Am I the only one who buys stamps for $0.41? Couldn't I just send a SASE? I could buy an entire book of knitting patterns for little more than this one pattern. So...the search for a good slipper pattern ensues.

So what am I actually knitting...that's up next. Ravelry is a wonderful way to find new patterns. Too wonderful, in fact. I seem to start something new every few days.

* Lest you think the wee babe is being neglected, he isn't. I don't knit every time we nurse, and baby massage has surpassed knitting as the #1 thing to do with my hands


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