Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby Jacket

I mentioned having time to knit, but apparently I haven't had time to blog.

This sweater seemed like the perfect thing to knit when sleep deprived and having limited knitting time. Unfortunately the pattern is very sparsely written - assumptions are made where sleep deprivation prefers explicit-ness. Even better, the fun thing about this sweater is that it's a complete mystery as you knit it - all the better to lose your place and not realize it until much, much later.
With some sort of luck, I managed to get through it without ripping anything back.
(honestly? I'd rather the luck could be used to help BabySon sleep rather than to make knitting go well, but I don't think I get to make those kinds of decisions)
The sweater is knit all in one funky-shaped piece, and it is an interesting process. It lacks a hood, though, and so I decided to pick up around the collar and make my own hood.

This isn't going so well.

The partial hood, which is clearly not going to work but which I clearly have no interest in ripping and re-doing, has been sitting by the couch for nearly a month. In the clothing lifetime of a baby a month is a very long time. Very soon I'm going to have to commit to either refashioning the hood or giving up on it completely. And maybe dig out the buttons I bought for the sweater to make it functional.

But this gets to the heart of what I'm discovering post-baby: I am not capable of knitting anything that requires thought. If I have to make a swatch, measure, cast on, rip back, try again -- it just isn't going to happen. This could explain why I've knit almost a complete blanket that really didn't need to be knit right now rather than the Christmas gifts I'd been planning to make this year. Blankets, scarves, big baby clothes that will fit someday - good. Hats, mittens, slippers - bad. Too bad baby needs a new soaker that fits and a wool hat.


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