Saturday, December 23, 2006


After a lifetime in the states, it takes some work to remember what it means to unwind, slow down, and spend an entire day in relaxation.

The trip to the airport was uneventful, and rather beautiful as the sun rose over the city.
So many thanks to Brant and SQ for waking up at the crack of dark to send me off. SQ was sad to see me go, even laying on my clothes as I tried to pack, but Brant made no attempt to hide his smiles as he hugged me goodbye.

Arrived safely, albeit a bit crushed.
A very happy Sa greeted me, and whisked me to her place for real food (vegetarian meals don't really exist on Air Jamaica). We then dashed off to meet some medical student friends for a ride to a nearby town Fish Fry, but in true Grenadan fashion the bus driver was at first just late, and then a complete no-show. So we gave up and settled for pizza and wine in a local cafe.

In case you don't know where Grenada is, this might help. Venezuela is 9 miles in this direction:

We didn't do absolutely nothing during my first day, but close to it. The market was an experience, but it remains unphotographed by yours truly as it didn't feel appropriate to document people living their lives as if they were specimens in a museum. Sa gave me a tour of her little town, as well as a sense of perspective on many things Grenadan. The rest of the day was spent either reading, napping, knitting, or chatting. On the beach or in the breezes of her abode. As I believe this will be the schedule for the ensuing days, I'll save pictures of that for another day.


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