Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Works in progress

The cordless world and I are going to get along really, really well. I’m forever losing the phone charger, the camera charger, the cord to upload photos from the camera to the computer. When cords are no longer an issue, it’s going to be lovely.

But for now I’m picture-less. Several wonderful photos waiting to be uploaded, but wait they shall. I have finished objects to show you, and finished house projects, not to mention the works in progress.

I’ve been thinking of having an anniversary party to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my 21st birthday. As such, home improvement (which had a great kick start from Abbott’s grumblings) is again on a time-table. Between now and Dec 15th I need to:
* Finish finishing the living room floor (I promise, the photos of this are worth checking back in for, if only for their odd historical value). Finishing means removing the rest of the paint, sanding, staining, and then moving all of the furniture back into place. (This may be a bit ambitious)
* Finish the drywall in the archway. This entails actually nailing up the two 6” by 18” sections that are sitting on the floor, spackling, and sanding.
* Paint the hallway and archway.

It can be done. It really can.



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