Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spurred into action

We had a visitor at The Hovel this weekend:
abbott visiting

Some local residents were non-plussed by the addition to the crew, sq sleeping
but others could not be reached for comment.

Our dear visitor was unimpressed with the home improvement accomplishments since his last visit, so the crew was stirred into action. Going back to basics, we decided to attack a project that would have the biggest bang for the buck, a project of degrossification. This:
Is the storage room after two hours of scrub-brush, sponge, and toxic cleaners. I'm learning the meaning of white-wash. There is some dirt that just can't be removed, so I'll seal it beneath a thick layer of paint and pretend it never existed. But seriously - I found vertebrae. I found kids' school pictures from the 80's. I found dirt that probably has historical value. And I'd like to know: how do you get grease on the ceiling of the storage room that is two doors away from the kitchen?

Also in the works, a headboard for the bedroom. Just a teaser for now, more to come soon:

Overheard just now -
Coffee shop owner to son: "It's tough being a little kid."
Son: "Dad, you have no idea."


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