Thursday, November 02, 2006

That voice in your head is there for a reason

This (between the needles):
Is exactly how long I waited in the doctor's office tonight. Coincidentally, it is also the exact same amount of time it took me to realize that there was no way I wanted this man for my GP if I had to wait that long just to meet him. So I bailed on that idea and went home to do more work on Clapotis. It's clicking along, should be finished this weekend, I expect, along with the socks.

As much as I hate knitting for necessity, I'm not disappointed with the results. This is what I love about knitting, the way that this:
can become this:
in very little time and with even less skill. As with everything I make for myself, it's a bit too big, utilitarian, and not overly exciting. In fact, compared to the amazing things other people blog about it's down-right amusing. But it used up some stash and it's warm right this minute so I can deal. Someday, someday I'll learn how to alternately knit/purl without making big huge gaps between my stitches. And don't even talk to me about swatching. If I'd listened to the little voice in my head that makes up numbers, this would have been fine. Instead I chose to listen to the wise but misguided swatch fairy.


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