Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sock Wars 2006

I survived Sock Wars Round 1, though I'm afraid it may be on a technicality. My assassin hasn't contacted me, so I'm assuming she/he has dropped out of the game. Either that or he/she is sneaky AND a really slow knitter. It hasn't worked out quite like it was supposed to; the organizer was knocked out on the launch weekend by a hurricane (who knew that Northern Ireland even got hurricanes? It's hard living in the US - I forget that things happen other places) so the target/assassin info didn't get to all of the right people, not to mention the Sock of Doom sock pattern. Many people have "forgotten" about the war (wouldn't it be nice if that were possible for the innocent multitudes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur?) creating huge gaps in the war hierarchy. I killed my target, but not before she killed hers and she killed hers, so I should be receiving the unfinished socks from my target's target's target one of these days so that I can finish them and off my target's target's target's target (got that?). But is it really fair that I'm still alive if it's just because my assassin is AWOL? I guess war can be like that - unpredictable, unfair.

The completed socks:

The details:
sockwars details

It was a really simple pattern, I only wish I'd realized that my rib stitch is so loose - CycleGrrl received a very roomy pair of socks, though she sweetly said that she was thrilled with them. Sorry Grrl, next time they'll be better. I'll also take a clue from the other assassins and sweeten the doom with chocolate in addition to the socks.


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