Friday, September 15, 2006

Best Day Ever

I am exactly 30 and 3/4 today and for some reason the universe saw fit to celebrate. [actually, yesterday, but myspace was being a pain and it took me until today to get this set up]

I came home to THREE packages. Granted, I paid for one and was expecting another, but the third was a complete surprise and what are the odds of them all arriving today? The first was from my mom; she sent me her entire haul from a Stitch and Pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball stadium. The idea of just such an event amuses me to no end, and that I should be the recipient of the goods only makes it better - even if one of the items is a breast-cancer-pink tote bag. Five skeins of yarn and many, many patterns, plus promises of yarn shopping should I make it out to AZ this winter.

The second was from Amazon. I am very lucky right now - my friend Sa is in Grenada at med school, and for the time being she's getting her new book fix by buying them and having them shipped to me, then letting me get them to her. The books were Forest Mage and The Constant Princess , both of which I'm excited to read before I go and hand deliver them this December.

The third box I have yet to open. It's the yarn I ordered, all of my Christmas gift knitting. I'm scared to open it, afraid that I'll be trapped at home for days, rolling around in fiber. (un)fortunately I'm a diligent soul, and will instead traipse off to work tomorrow, sad that the lovely yarn sits at home, all alone.

And as if three packages weren't enough, I also came home to a man putting away groceries and LIQUOR in my kitchen. I've been dancing around for the past hour, and I think Brant's getting ready for me to settle down. Maybe I'll save the third box for tomorrow...


At 11:49 AM, September 17, 2006, Blogger Sa said...

welcome to blogspot, where I have happily blogged since it was kindly recomended to me by the lovely and talented contessa of Vanilla. Glad to read you are doing well and not overburdend by book exchange duties. I am looking forward to seeing you in December.


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