Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why I Love Vermont

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1) The roads, businesses, and attractions are well labeled. There are signs up to 6 miles in advance of where you're going - they don't just pop up 3 feet before you're supposed to turn right when you're driving 70 mph in the left lane.

2) The State Park bathrooms. If you haven't been to a Vermont State Park bathroom, please go. Ours had a lacy green curtain, dried flowers in a vase on a table, and a chair with a clean cushion to wait on should the nicely painted, very clean, fresh smelling stalls both be occupied. Seriously, I had to take a picture.

3) The views. I hiked for 4 hours without my camera, so you'll have to take my word on this one. I think we could see 3 states over.

4) The yarn shops. Every town had a yarn shop. Underhill Center (at the base of our state park), population 3,222, had a yarn shop. Essex Junction, population 8,591, had a yarn shop. Shelburne, population 6,944 , had a yarn shop. New Brunwsick NJ, population 48,573, no yarn shop.

5) The bookstores and coffee shops. I really think the higher the ratio of bookstores/coffee shops per population, the healthier the city.

6) It isn't really close to anything. And that's just fine with all of them.

Brant and I have learned that we need to travel with a photographer. We took a total of 5 photos on the entire 4 day trip. Two of them were of the fire.

I was excited to make it to my second High Point, though I have no souvenier of this one. Brant picked up a rock for us, but then put it down when the going to rough and neglected to mention this to me. So damn, I guess we'll just have to do it again.


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