Wednesday, October 04, 2006

'roid rage

I came home today and was angry and feuding. Stupid traffic, morons cutting me off, tailgaters. Yet another letter from the fucking insurance company harrassing me about replacing the perfectly good windows in my basement. Garbage that the garbage men didn't pick up, strewn over the lawn. Then it dawns on me...the doctor shot my lip full of steroids today. This is just 'roid rage.

Somehow that made me laugh. But this has been a very emotional day.

I cried this morning listening to a somber voice read the names of the five small girl children who were executed at school this week (It isn't more horrific because they are Amish; how can the murder of children have a range of horrible?). I gasped this afternoon when an elected official said on national radio that homosexuals are preoccupied with sex and aren't fit to hold office (when challenged by the interviewer that it was his opinion he confirmed that it was fact as established by many psychiatrists). It's just too much today, 'roid rage or not. I much prefer my insulated world where the news is filtered through co-workers and friends, or distilled down to five-word-or-fewer headlines on


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