Thursday, October 26, 2006

Come here so I can tell you why I love you

My morning started thusly:
"Come here so I can tell you why I love you."

I toddled over to the bed and let him throw the covers over me again. I needed to get dressed for work, but who can resist a request like that?

"Yesterday I came home to feed Sequoia and let her out. The woman I was working with said, 'Oh, you have a dog?' and so I told her to come on in. She played with the dog and the cat, and then she looked around the house and said, 'I can see you've done a lot of work here, drywall, paint...' and I agreed, but told her that there was a lot left to do. I mentioned the cabinets needed to be replaced and she gave them a look, said, 'They aren't so bad. But you know, I'd get rid of that one first thing.'
"I looked where she was pointing, and she meant the big cabinet! I told her we bought it, that we want, that one. She thought I was nuts and said, 'Well, I hope you didn't pay much for it!' I told her to get out of my house."

I laughed, not at all sure what this story had to do with his initial request.

"So I love you because you appreciate old wood, old things, not just the brand new shiny stuff."

{Note that this is probably only loosely what he actually said, as I was warm and snuggly and not recording his words as well as I should have been. Isn't he the cutest? Wouldn't you let him hack into your forest?}

In other news: we rearranged the upstairs ("the waiting room") and I couldn't be happier. Instead of cardboard boxes and things shoved on shelves, we have an actual office with actual decorative items artfully displayed. It can get better, and it will, but this was a huge improvement. I was going to include a picture, but it already looks very, very lived in.


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