Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shawl and socks

No tirade today. Just knitting. And a quiet little dance about the elections.

Finished these this weekend, but just getting around to posting them today. The socks are already showing signs of wear (perfect sleep socks), and I've been wearing Clapotis a lot, so haven't bothered to block it yet.

The Autumny Vermont Socks
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill, Supersock, Earthtones
Needles: size 2 US
Pattern: hodge podge
Pattern repeat:
Row 1 - [P2 K4] to end
Row 2 - K all
Row 3 - K3 [P2 K4] end with K1
Row 4 - K all
vermont socks
I liked the pattern, but it would definitely look better in a solid yarn. It was also not at all stretchy or clingy as I'd anticipated, so the socks are a might bit loose. Also, I learned that my heel is smaller than the average pattern - I don't need to do the standard 2.5 inch heel flap. Well, live and learn.
socks feet
The Anatomically Correct Toes are brilliant and I'm so excited I used the pattern. You don't know how f-ed up standard issue socks are until you try on a pair that is truly made for your feet. Your symmetrical-but-not-identical feet. Your ginormous-big-toe feet. Your baby-toe-hardly-counts feet.

Clapotis Shawl
Yarn: Cascade something or other (if I find the label I'll post the info)
Needles: size 8 US
Pattern: Clapotis from Knitty
(Yes, everything I knit is from Maybe someone will buy me a subscription to Vogue knitting or something this year)
clapotis and me no, I'm not trying to look sexy, just waiting for the camera to be ready -- oops, it was
Dropping the stitches was fun and I really like the instant lace-like look it created. In hindsight I'd have preferred a lighter-weight yarn for this; the shawl is rather bulky, though I love the bright color of the oranges.
clapotis closeA simple knit for someone looking for mindless knitting that is a step up from standard ol' stockinnette. I'm still growing accustomed to wearing huge shawls/scarves. They're great and do wonders to stop that chill from creeping down your spine, but it still feels like I'm wearing a blanket wrapped around my neck. You may recall my recent past - in NM and CA there was no need to wear much more than a thin strip of a scarf, and in the UP scarves were out and full-on wool body armor was the norm. But slowly, as the damp chill moves in, I'm learning. In fact, some variant of this might be in order next.


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