Thursday, November 23, 2006

Car knitting

In honor of the most automobile-traveled holiday in this country, here is a post about my latest car knitting project. I finished it right before the recent heat wave, so haven't had much cause to wear it (though I've no doubt there will be ample reason soon enough). I made it with yarn purchased from a lovely woman at the New Jersey Fiber Festival whose name I've lost. Yes, I knit in the car. It sits on the seat beside me and I work on it during long delays, red lights, and other inconveniences of traveling in the solitary selfishness of my private metal box. I propose that more people take up car knitting - I find that I'm much more peaceful each time someone cuts me off or rides my bumper, probably because during the slow bits I'm not sitting there gripping the wheel and cursing. Instead, stitch by stitch, I make progress on some simple project.

Thanks to Cathy for cajoling me into abandoning the lovely but tightly-knit moss stitch for a more open pattern. She was right - this does show off the fun loopy strands in the yarn (the fiber artist who spun this tried to explain to me that it was actually easier to spin the yarn in a way that created these loops - I didn't understand). Just for clarity - the wide spaces in the yarn are my doing; the white looopy-doos are the product of good shopping.


Bulky Handspun Scarf
Yarn: Bulky weight handspun, ~80 yards
Needle size: Size 17 US
Guage: seriously?
Pattern: garter stitch with extra loops, as follows:
CO 10-15 stitches
Rows 1-3: Knit
Row 4: Knit, but loop yarn twice around needle (instead of the normal once)
Row 5: Knit, dropping the looped yarn (be sure you end up with the same # of stitches)
Repeat until desired length, stretching the looped rows gently for full drape.
End with Row 3, then BO.


Anyone have any ideas for ~30 yards of bulky crazy yarn?


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