Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Things you can learn from a kid

Cheer for yourself!
Lately we've begun cheering for BabySon anytime he successfully navigates a bit of food into his mouth. This is not as easy as it sounds - you have to place your hand gently by the food (too hard and you bump it or send it flying off the table), pinch it between your pincher fingers, avoid losing it in the palm of your hand, avoid getting distracted by the second cheerio that gets stuck to the side of your fist, aim your fingers at your mouth, and let's not underestimate how hard it is to coordinate the letting-go-with-your-fingers-biting-with-your-teeth move. It's hard work to coordinate all of that!

So like I said, we cheer each time the little cheerio or dried fruit makes it into his mouth. But last night, after three table-to-mouth successes in a row, he caught on to the cheering. A fruit piece made it into his mouth, he threw his arms out wide, and let out a huge -
(photo is actually from his first day of day care - he looks like he's having fun, right?)


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