Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tonight I felt like a mom

6:45-7:05pm - I figured out what I was making for dinner while nursing my wet-headed son to sleep. After putting him in his bed, I grabbed the laundry on my way out of his room, being careful to hop over the squeaky floorboards. I made my bed - there, now it looks like the room was tidy all day. Hung up the towel, dirty diapers downstairs to wash. Put away the toys in the living room, folded the blanket we'd been playing on. Gave two seconds thought to sitting down to knit for a few minutes, but remembered to thaw the salmon and clean up the dog puke I wasn't able to finish earlier. Put away the clean dishes, set the table, folded some laundry. Took out the garbage, remembered it was garbage pickup tomorrow, so took it to the street. Debated whether to start dinner or wait until I know when husband will be home. Decided to wait. Stood surveying my home thinking, wow. This is what being a mom is like.


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