Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some things

There are some things people warn you about. Some of those things turn out just like you'd heard, and you feel somewhat prepared. Some of those things are far less awful than you'd been warned. And then there are the terrible twos.
My darling, beautiful, amazing child has commenced with the tantrum throwing. Yes, this child:
most adorable toddler ever

There are several variations on the theme. Once or twice a day we get the "I'm going to see if I can get what I want by screaming" tantrum. This can be easily mitigated by either giving him what he wants (which I often already intend to give him, but I might be moving too slowly) or offering an appropriate substitute. Sometimes the desired item (or activity) is simply off limits - razor blades, walking in the middle of the street - and we move up to the intense "I've lost my mind and don't know how to stop screaming" tantrum. These are not so easy to manage. In fact, management isn't even an option - it's simply a matter of keeping from losing my own mind.

After a brief reprieve while the whole family was sick and the little man was too weary for tantrums, it seems he is feeling well again. This morning we woke up with a tantrum (he was screaming for a banana before his eyes were fully opened, and getting dressed first was not on his agendy). We settled down enough to begin the dressing chore but another tantrum ensued when he was informed that mommy can't get dressed with a child clinging to her neck*. We settled down enough to let mommy get dressed and start undressing baby when he lost his mind over the indignity of having a fresh diaper placed on his behind. While also being asked to lay down! And not roll over!

As I recover from the morning (and send loving thoughts to my husband who is home with the wearying boy all day) I have created this graphic. It turns out that something can be so horrible that it's actually hilarious. And with this phase, these might be the only laughs we get for a bit.

*The odd piece of news is that because of the exhausting fits he throws, he now needs more comfort than ever. He wraps both arms around my neck and holds on.


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