Thursday, February 12, 2009

But I don't wanna....

I'm having one of those weeks where what I want to do is in conflict with what I should do. This is a bit of a problem for me because I'm a grown up. There is no one standing behind me to nudge me toward doing the right thing, just the far-away doom of that-which-will-catch-up-with-me.

Case #1: home - I should be painting the stairs and nudging the other adult in the house toward finishing the trim so that we can reattach our handrail and prevent all sorts of dangerous accidents. But I'd rather be organizing the closets. (I know, right?)

Case #2: work - I should be keeping an eye on employment opportunities in the area, as my company is evaluating its "talent pool" for "streamlining" and "aligning to the matrix" and maximizing "the right caliber" of personnel. But I'd rather watch movies in the evening than web search for jobs.

Case #3: knitting - I should be focusing on winding down a project that has a real deadline, but I'm soooooo tired of knitting the shawl right now. I'd rather start three new pairs of socks and wind up yarn for a couple more. April is ages away, right?

Case #4: blog - I should be uploading the photos I took this past week for a decent post instead of yet another stream-of-conscience blather. But I'd rather knit this week than dink around with photos of things I knit last week.

The procrastination is yielding fruit - I started a sock on Monday (mere moments after casting off Mom's socks) and I have the first leg finished as of this morning. Thank you doctor - your tardiness gave me precious knitting time in the waiting room. At this rate I might have two new pairs of socks before winter is truly over. Mother Nature - the race is on!


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