Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Business of Being Born

Last night as I chased my toddler around and around and around the couch, I had the movie The Businss of Being Born playing on the computer. It's an excellent movie, highly recommended for anyone planning to have a child in the US (FYI - it's available on Netflix, so go check it out). Since it's a bit of preaching to the choir, though, I let it play while we chased, tackled mommy, and looked at books.

When the first baby is born in the movie, I found myself all misty and pointed to the screen for N. "Look, honey, a baby was just born." He looked up, took in the scene (a new mommy with her minutes-old baby on her chest), and he applauded. He then went back to his toys, oblivious to the interviews and laboring women on the screen.

For the next two births that are featured in the movie, I stopped in the moments before the birth, held N. to me and pointed at the screen. "Here comes another baby, sweetheart." Both times he watched attentively, and then applauded after the baby was safely in his mother's arms.

I can't help but think his applause meant something like, "Welcome to the world, babies. It's a tough journey out of the womb, so congratulations."


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