Friday, August 01, 2008

Do I do it?

I'm honing in on the end of the wedding shawl I'm knitting - I have the body of it done, I did 4 rows of transition openwork (basically a lot of YO/K2Tog to signify the boundary of the pattern), and now I have to select a decorative edging. Since I don't have any more yarn that what is in my working skein, I can't overshoot. I've narrowed the edging options down to two choices:

1) Famous/typical feather and fan stitch. This is a 4- or 6-row repeat that will give a nice wavy edge to the shawl.
2) Slightly more unusual pointed edge lace motif. This is a 12-row repeat, and I think the angularity will fit better with the stitch pattern of the rest of the shawl.

Because I'm a nerd with unfettered access to Microsoft Excel, I've calculated that I knit 11,336 stitches with the first skein of yarn. If I do option #2 I will be trying to knit 11,005 stitches out of the second skein. I'm assuming both skeins are the exact same size (though this is rarely the case). Also, I switched to larger needles for the edging and I'm not sure how much extra yardage the larger needles will eat up.

Do I go the safe and less preferred route, doing feather and fan with yardage to spare, or do I push it to the limit and try to eke out the pointy edging? Something to consider: I do not have time to reknit an edging on the shawl if I foul this up.

Train knitting is making such a difference! I realized today that I finished a pair of socks in two months, while also doing a pair in a month, while also working on the wedding shawl. Maybe a couple of knitted holiday gifts aren't out of the question...

I *will* take photos of this before it is packed off to Michigan.


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