Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not that kind of knitter

I often read blogs that talk about ripping back a large portion of knitting to fix a relatively minor (to my eyes) mistake, and I always wonder - am I that kind of knitter?

It turns out I'm not. Not even close

Case #1
For some reason I'd been absolutely convinced that the Francie sock pattern was the match made in fiber heaven for my sunshine yellow sock yarn. My stitch gauge was right on, but the row gauge was way, way off. Did I rip back and start the pattern with new yarn or select a new pattern for the yellow yarn? Nope. Just kept plugging away, even at the expense of some of the cool architectural details of the pattern. I kept going even when I had to completely rewrite the toe decreases. Ah well. They're comfy, scrunchy, and finished.

Case #2
I cast on for the Central Park Hoodie a few weeks ago. I added 4 extra stitches to account for the slight difference in gauge I was getting...but after dutifully knitting 4 inches of ribbing I started the cables and discovered, oops, I'd screwed up the pattern. The pattern carefully incorporates the ribbing into the start of the cables for a nice, seamless transition. But after sitting on it for a few days I decided that I couldn't bring myself to start over - to rip back to the cast on and reknit, all for a minor change that no one but me will notice. Other knitters might fret, unable to wear something that has even a small error that they know about. Not me. That wee little mishap is going to be on my butt, and I avoid looking there as much as possible anyway.

Case #3
The wedding shawl is slowly coming to a close. I've worked hard on this, unkniting and reknitting several rows when I encountered mistakes. But yesterday I realized that I'd messed up the yarn overs several rows down. Instead of alternating and making a netting kind of pattern, a couple of rows had the holes stacked on top of each other like a Connect Four gameboard. I didn't even flinch - no way was I ripping that back. I'm not enjoying this part of the pattern anyway, and I'm sooooo ready to cast on for something new to take its place. Maybe I'll offer the bride a special prize if she can find the mistake....or maybe I'll wrap it beautifully in tissue paper, tuck a few silk flowers inside, and call it a day.


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