Thursday, January 14, 2010

If you wouldn't say it when I wasn't pregnant....

Why would you say it when I am?
I'll update as needed, but so far these are the wonderful things I've heard during this pregnancy:

26 weeks, +18 pounds
"That shirt isn't a distraction. You still look pregnant."

25 weeks, +18 pounds
"Are you still here??"
"Uh...I'm not due until June."
"What? And you're already that big?"

18 weeks, +7 pounds
"Are you having a baby?"
"Oh good, I thought you were getting fat."

12 weeks, +1-2 pounds
"When are you due? You're already walking really funny."

10 weeks, +0 pounds
"Oh! You're having another baby!"
(silence - I was dumbfounded)
"I could just tell - you're normally so skinny!"