Monday, October 03, 2011

Sequoia: Big transitions

Sequoia and I left the Tijeras Mountains and moved into Albuquerque. It was a huge change - from a 2000 square foot house to a room, from five mile walks to a small dog park. She also got some roommates: a 22 year old cat and a quiet little dog. Oh, and a human friend, too. The cat took one swipe at her, and forever scared her. The dog was a loyal little friend who buried dog biscuits all over the house, which Sequoia followed closely behind to gobble up. There were many more amazing eating episodes, most notoriously the 27 cans of cat food. There were at least another dozen she didn't eat, so we can only assume that her belly was full or her jaw was tired from popping open the cans. Less notorious, but still impressive, was the surgical, virtually unnoticable removal of Shade's Christmas dog treats from a box that was otherwise full of human gifts. She was only discovered when we were asked if Shade had enjoyed her gift. What gift?

In addition to our life at the new house were our hours at The Haunted House. Sequoia demonstrated the concept of dogged persistence when she tried, for more than 3 hours, to breech the chicken coop.

She moved with me across country, riding patiently through the 32 hours of driving. While my furniture was being packed up, she somehow figured out which one suitcase was not going into the moving van, and she climbed on top of it to be sure she went where it went, with me. During the drive out, she ended up sleeping both nights in the car because she was such a nervous wreck in the hotel; afraid, I guess, of being left behind.

Life in NJ suited her pretty well. My new roommates looked at her as "one of the guys", going so far as to place an order for her when they ordered food from PJs. Brant came into our lives at this point, and wisely worked his way into her heart (taking her for walks when I was out of town) while he slowly worked on mine. She never quite took to taking orders from him, though, and would always look to me for confirmation any time he gave her a command. When I nodded she would do as he had said.


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